Multiple structures can be shipped at once to facilitate community development. They’re as easy to disassemble and move as they are to construct. Adding to the innovation, with the materials used Abod was designed to minimize the impact on the environment.



The Abod structure is arch-shaped for a reason. The arch makes the inside more spacious and allows for a loft space, increasing the usable space. The structure is customizable and can be used in conjunction with other Abod structures or incorporated into existing dwellings or communities.


  • Exterior

Natural light, cross breeze and open loft spaces provide universally enjoyable comforts. The basic shell is included, with add-on options. Architects at BSB Design created Abod with flexibility in mind, so there is no lack of functionality or comfort, despite the price.


  • Interior

such as being made from non-combustible materials to help prevent fire and having built-in rain gutters to direct water away from the structure.


  • Durability